Love in all its forms

Today may not be the highlight of your romantic calendar, or you may be bathing in asses milk and drinking champagne.  Either way its a perfect day just to remember the ones we love, and have loved.  Its an excuse to bake a cake or make a card.  We’ve never been ones for shop bought valentine cards and I’m usually hastily putting something together the day before, hunting for red card and a big marker pen.


This however this is just plain fun ….  (click on the blue words)

Download the app, ‘photograph’ your index finger, fill in the details and e mail the sound of your heartbeat to someone you love.  How Cool IS That??


Whatever you do today, remember to love yourself .

2 thoughts on “Love in all its forms

  1. Just love that door decoration. That’s food for thought for my next Xmas effort . Thanks for that inspiration. Good luck with the blog – Lizx


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