An Interest in Pinterest?

It all began when I got ‘a tablet’.  Not from the doctor for my unsettled mind, or the creaking body syndrome.  This was a shiny, smooth communication device which could be dropped in my handbag for travel, and go with me everywhere.  The Apps (A mobile app is a computer program designed to run on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers) were just so tempting.  I immediately downloaded a spirit level and a decibel meter (like you do) and some handy software for editing photos. Then there were games – Peggle, Blocks and Harbour Master. But the one that unleashed an unrequited inner creativity was Pinterest.

How to explain Pinterest to the uninitiated?  Well, its a huge online pinboard, or mass of pinboards.  You can create your own, and pin onto them inspiration you find from anyone elses pinboards.  They can be random or filed by name,  they can be secret or public.  You can watch other people’s and share your own. You can pick a topic, and before you know it an afternoon can pass by.  One thing leads to another.

This is what one of my boards looks like.

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 18.32.45.jpg

Speaking as someone who loves to make and craft, do stuff with my hands, and learn new skills, there aren’t enough days left in my life to try all the things I’d like to do.  The trouble is until now I didn’t know half of them existed, let alone how to do them.  Pinterest is there for me.  Its my guilty indulgence.  I could try this crochet….


Who knew it could be like that?

Or that the Sharpie Pen can do this


Or that you could start a hand carved button collection

button Art Museum.jpg

or have someone rustle up some of these for breakfast…well it is Mothering Sunday.


or redesign the bathroom to look like a desert island, make an MDF toilet roll tree, or knit socks for sailors. It doesn’t matter if these don’t float your boat because I guarantee you’ll find something that does if you develop your own addictive Interest in Pinterest.

Give it a go and share your guilty secret?

Mine’s called sixtysomethingme.


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